Wire Rope Winches tirfor® T-532D

The tirfor® T500 hoist is a manual lifting and pulling device.

It is a versatile and portable multi-purpose device.

It can be used for lifting and pulling, but also for lowering, tensioning and securing loads in all directions.

One-man operation by using the telescopic control lever supplied as standard.

Spare shear pins for overload protection are supplied as standard.

Proven quality for decades, brand name and market leader – often copied never equaled

The tirfor® T series for standard applications

■    Lightweight and easily portable for use anywhere
■    Delivering safe and assured operation in any direction, either in a straight line or using diverter pulleys over an unlimited length
■    Low-wear clamping jaws during demanding applications increasing the life of the wire rope
■    Overload protection for safe and secure operation
■    Fast and easy to install and use
■    Working load can be increased by using sheave blocks
■    Positioning loads with millimetre accuracy
■    Secure release system
■    Load capacity from 800 – 3200 kg
■    Full range of accessories are available – sheave blocks, diverter pulleys, ground anchors and reelers